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Trading Business academy

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The trade academy offers a customized phased education program which focuses on the development of small and medium-sized businesses at foreign branches, aiming to contribute to the economic independence and job creation for foreign residences as traders.

Trade Academy Schedule

  • Period: ~ November
  • Time: 30 hours
  • Eligibility : Foreign residents interested in starting up a trade business including international students, marriage migrants and naturalized citizens
                    ※ TOPIK Level 4 or higher is required for this course.
  • Application: Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct.
  • Classese: Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov.
  • Location: Seoul Global Center (Jongno), Gangnam Global Business Center, Dongdaemun Global Center
  • Subjects: Basic trade, trade law and regulations, flow of import and export, trade contract, customs, etc
  • language : Korean


  • (02)2271-9522 / academy@sba.seoul.kr