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Start Up Audition

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  The entrepreneurship contest, held mainly for foreigners, was created in order to attract top talented foreigners and invigorate foreign technology start-ups.




   Hackathon : HackatSeoul

      Two days (including night time), hardware-based competition.

       Participants : Local/foreign software developing meeting members and individual foreigners
    ▶  How does it work: : Develop a product using the equipment (hardware) given, within 48 hours.
    ▶  Promotion methods : utilization of external resources and conjunction with professional





  Demo day : A Big Think

  Competition of product or service start-up items.



  ▶ Participants: 20 teams of foreigners

  ▶ Selection method: The semi-finalist selection will be made based on the contestants' business

      services and its thorough business plan. 

  ▶ Judging panel: Technology based start-up related institutions and startup accelerators


    Final preperation

      Peparation of the qualified accepted team's service and experimental product idea.


   ▶ Attendees: Teams who made it through the first qualifer

   ▶ About: The team who have successfully passed the document screening will present
       their product/services for semi-final.

   ▶ Judge panel : Technology based start-up related institutions and startup accelerators

   ▶ Investment Connection / Oppurtunity: Start-up accelerators and VC investors will be invited
       for investment opportunites.










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