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Business Korean Class

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  Our center offers specialized Korean business community classes and Korean business classes for foreigners

    who are looking to learn Korean for business purposes. 

We provide business Korean classes on weekdays with several levels of difficulties to ensure that 

    foreigners will be able to solve problems and confidently communicate regarding business activities.






  Regular Business Korean Class (in different levels) on weekdays



Class Duration


Three times a year (Jan. May, Sep),

Twice a week in total of 12 weeks




Foreign residents in Seoul(ARC holder, above 19 years old)




Basic (1), Beginner(3), Intermediate(4), Advanced (2)

(Total of 10 classes)


Registration Process



Registration, Level Test ► First Day of Class (-Day)



How to Register



Drop-in registration (First-come-first-served basis)  

Following documents required for registration: ARC (Alien Registration Card, ID picture)







  Specialized Business Community - on weekdays






Class Duration



Three times a year (Jan. May, Sep)

Twice a week in total of 12 weeks







Foreign residents in Seoul ARC holder, above 19 years old


※ We give preferece to following VISA holders:  (A-1) Dipomat, (D-7) Intra-company transferee, (D-8) Foreign investor, (D-9) International trade, (E-7) Foreign national of speciaL ability


  There will be no level test for basic class




Basic (1), Beginner (1), Intermediate (1) Speaking (1), TOPIK II Preparation (1)

(Total of 5 )






Registration, Level Test ► First Day of Class (-Day)








  2016 Schedule



  1st semester : Jan. 25, 2016 ~ Apr. 21, 2016 (12 weeks)


  2nd semester : May 30, 2016 ~ Aug. 18, 2016 (12 weeks)  


  3rd semester : Sept. 19, 2016 ~ Dec. 08, 2016 (12 weeks)    * The registration for the 3rd semester was  closed.



**holidays : 6 Jun, 15 Aug, 12 Sep~15 Sep, 3 Oct

*** this schedule can be changed due to the circumstances of Seoul Global Center








Yookyoung, Chang / 02-2075-4113 / leslieyk@sba.seoul.kr