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Korean Class

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  • Regular Course
    • Period : 12 weeks
    • Textbook (level) : Sogang Korean (1A - 1B - 2A - 2B - 3A - 3B)
  • TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) Preparation Class
    • Period : 8 weeks
    • Level : Beginner (Level 1 and 2), Intermediate (Level 3 and 4), Advanced (Level 5 and 6)

Registration Procedure

  • Visit our center in person (first-come, firsts-served) on the registration day ⇒ Take a Placement test ⇒ Check the result
  • For Korean alphabet class applicants, placement test is not required.

Required Documents

  • ID card (passport or alien registration card)
  • A colored photo (3cm x 4cm)

Tuition : Free of charge

  • Deposit 30,000won (you should make a payment on the registration day)
  • In case of regular courses, deposit will be returned if your attendance rate is over 80 percent.
  • In case of TOPIK preparation classes, deposit will be returned if you submit a copy of your TOPIK verification slip.


  • You cannot get or extend a visa by taking our Korean Class.
  • Tourist Visa holders (C-3) and minors are not eligible to apply our Korean Class.


  • Contact : Dahyung Noh(Chinese), Hyoeun Cho(Korean), Da Hye Kim(English), Daily Living Consultation Team
  • Phone : 02-2075-4160/4136/4151
  • Email : sgcwekc@gmail.com