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Seoul Life Orientation

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Seoul Life Orientation welcomes all foreigners who are looking for information and useful tips about how to live a convenient life in Seoul. The orientation includes introduction to Seoul Global Center and how to take advantage of facilities and programs that Seoul provides.


  • Period : Once or twice a year
  • Target : Foreign residents recently arrived in Korea (international students, workers, marriage immigrants, etc.)
  • Location : Seoul Global Center and universities, international schools, public organizations, work places, etc.

Main Content

  • Statistics of foreign residents in Seoul, Introduction to Seoul Global Center and services we provide (daily living counseling services in 12 languages, expert counseling services including legal/labor/real estate, Korean language class, volunteer activity, business counseling services and start-up support, exchange and issuance of driver’s license, banking service, mobile service, cultural events, etc), Information for living in Seoul (immigration, transportation, tourism, culture)


  • Contact : Jihye Shim, Counseling Operation Team
  • Phone : 02-2075-4130