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SGC Volunteer

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We have various volunteer activities for both Korean and foreign residents.


  • Adults only
  • Those who are interested in volunteer activities and international exchange
  • Those who has strong responsibility

Training for Volunteer (mandatory)

  • Target : All volunteers (mandatory)
  • Content : Introduction of Seoul Global Center, volunteers' role and responsibilities, information on activities
  • Schedule : Twice in every quarter


  • Namsangol Hanok Village
    • Support Korean Traditional Experience activity in Hanok Vilage
  • Foreign residents related events (throughout the year)
    • Support Foreigners’ Flea Market, promotion of the center, etc.

How to Apply

  • Period : throughout the year
  • To get more information in detail, please refer to SGC NEWS notice board


  • Contact : Ajeong Sim, Program Operation Team
  • Phone : 02-2075-4157
  • Email : sgcvolun@gmail.com