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Seoul Town Meeting

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Seoul Town Meeting is a discussion event where foreign residents can make any suggestions regarding their daily living in Seoul to the Seoul government. Your opinion will be reflected in the policy to improve the quality of foreign residents’ Seoul life. By 2016, the event had been held 25 times and about 3,400 foreign residents participated.

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  • Period : Twice or three times a year
  • Target : About a hundred of Foreign residents in Seoul (entrepreneur, students, workers, multicultural families, etc), the Mayor of Seoul and Seoul city officials
  • Language : Korean (interpretation will be provided upon the circumstances)
  • Content : Open discussion about Seoul life and Q&A
  • How to Apply : Please refer to the recent announcement as the detail can varies upon the circumstances

Recent Events

서울타운미팅 최근 개최 사진1 서울타운미팅 최근 개최 사진2


  • Contact: Head of Seoul Global Center, Paul Carver
  • Phone: 02-2075-4180