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Seoul Town Meeting

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    Seoul Town Meeting is an opportunity for international residents to make suggestions on the quality of life

issues in Seoul. Twenty-five meetings were held during the year of 2000 to 2015 with over 3,400 participants.

The suggestions raised have been reflected in the creation of municipal policies and initiatives to support

international residents.



  Event Outline


  Event FrequencyTwo~ three times a year

  AttendeesForeign residents in Seoul (Businessmen, International students, Workers, Multicultural families),

                         the mayor of Seoul,
Seoul Metropolitian Government participants (Total of 50~100 participants)


  Language : Korean (Translation may be provided if needed)

  Content : Open discussion about Seoul life and Q&A

  How to ApplyPlease refer back to Notice for application process may vary


  Recent Events

        Of the 95 recommendations raised during the seven town meetings held in the past three years,

61 out of 76 (19 fell under the jurisdiction of other organizations and were passed off to them for consideration)

have been reflected in policy. This is an adoption rate of 80 percent, which shows how seriously

the government takes expats’ opinions.



Shin, Donghoon / 02-2075-4117 / donghoon@seoul.go.kr