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Holiday Events

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   The purpose for this Korean Holiday Event is to introduce and expand unique Korean Holiday customs to foreigners. This event is held once/twice a year, filled with fascinating cultural experience activities and eye catching performances.

  Korean Traditional Performance


Samul Nori  (길놀이) Korean Fusion Music



During this event, we provide different types of fun activities for foreigners to experience the traditional Korean Holiday.

This includes Traditional Korean Apparel (Han-Bok) Experience, Korean Food Making Experience, Korean  games and much more!



    Ancerstral Rites (Cha-Rae)


Ancestral Rites Experience and Korean Bowing


  Traditional Korean Apparel (Han-Bok) Experience

Picture taken after the Han-Bok experience

  Korean Food Making Experience

 traditional Korean Food Making Experience

  Traditional Korean Game Experience

Rice Cake Making Top-Spinning Game

  Traditional Korean Craft Experience

Traditional Korean Fan Making


Noh, Da Hyung 02-2075-4160  /  duoheng@naver.com