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Seoul Correspondent

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In order to assist foreign residents settling into Seoul, we recruit Seoul Correspondents to provide helpful information on daily Seoul life, Korean policy and events in different languages.


  • Period : March to December (10 months in total)
  • Languages : English, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Russian, Uzbek, Thai, Spanish, Arabic, Indonesian (12 languages)
  • How to apply : Job opening will be posted on our website in late January or early February.

Job Description

  • Covering news about daily living and foreign policy of Seoul city in their native language
  • Writing articles about Seoul Global Center or community news, events in Seoul and other news
  • Writing articles about various subjects including events of Seoul Global Center and foreign community, etc
  • Seoul Correspondent blog  http://blog.naver.com/seoulglobalcenter


  • Contact : Hee Song, Program Operation Team
  • Phone : 02-2075-4193