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UPDATE on the Confirmed COVID-19 will be posted. Please keep yourself updated.
You can also check other information on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/itaewonglobalvillage/

✅ preventive measures
▣ wash your hands thoroughly(palms/nails underneath)
▣ cover your mouth and nose with your sleeve when coughing
▣ must wear mask when visiting medical facility if you have any suspected symptom(coughing or respiratory symptoms)
▣ inform your travel history to doctor when you visit medical facility
▣ refrain from contacting directly with the one has fever or respiratory symptoms

- All residents are urged to refrain from doing unnecessary outdoor activity and follow the preventive measures thoroughly.
- If you have a fever, coughing or respiratory symptoms,
please contact Yangcheon-gu Health Center (02-2620-3856) or KCDC (1339) 

Bulletin Board List
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No. Subject Date Hit
12 UPDATES on COVID-19 Case(#21) in YANGCHEON District 2020.04.16 67
11 UPDATES on COVID-19 Cases(#18,#18.5,#19, #20) in YANGCHEON ... 2020.04.06 67
10 ⚠️ UPDATES on COVID-19 Case(#17) in YANGCHEON District (as ... 2020.03.23 68
9 ⚠️ UPDATES on COVID-19 Case(#16) in YANGCHEON District (as ... 2020.03.19 70
8 ⚠️ UPDATES on COVID-19 Case(#15) in YANGCHEON District (as ... 2020.03.18 71
7 UPDATES on the COVID-19(confirmed case#29 in other district... 2020.03.16 61
6 UPDATES on the COVID-19(confirmed case #11~#14) (as of Mar.... 2020.03.13 74
5 UPDATES from Yangcheon District Office on the COVID-19 infe... 2020.03.11 65
4 🚨 UPDATES on the 5th Confirmed Patient in YANGCHEON DISTRI... 2020.03.11 68
3 🚨 UPDATES on the Confirmed Patient in YANGCHEON DISTRICT ?... 2020.03.11 66
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