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Company Information

[Carrot Global] Part-time Position in Jung-gu
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Company Carrot Global
Nationality (company) Korea
Address 서울특별시 강남구 강남대로 488 대남빌딩 5
Recruiting Manager Laura Park
Phone No.
Fax No.

Job Opening(s) Information

Posted Date 2019.01.25
Job Title [Carrot Global] Part-time Position in Jung-gu
Career Level Student (undergraduate/graduate)
Job Type Temporary/Contract
Job Status Part Time
Pay Negotiable USD Per Year
Categories Education, Training, and Library
Locations Seoul
Job Description Location : Sejong-daero 7-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea (Close to City Hall)
Day & Time : Mon,Thu / 06:50 - 07:50 am
Category : Executive
Level : intermediate
Type : Business Conversation,General Conversation
Size : 1:1
Starting~Ending : 2019-01-24 ~ 2019-06-30

Please sign up on https://job.carrotenglish.net/ and apply through our site.
If you have any questions, email teaching@carrotglobal.com.
Thank You!
Job Requirement
Guidelines for Applicants
Additional Information
Closing Date
Required Document Resume
Apply Type E-mail, Homepage