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Volunteer Registration Form
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Name Katherine Corteza
Date 2016-04-04 14:24 Hit 303
Subject Volunteer Registration Form
Attachment NEW Volunteer Registration Form.doc



Thank you for your interest in our volunteer activities. Before you register for any of these activities please note of the following:


  • - Our volunteer activities schedule change from time to time, so please do check our website for the updated schedule. 
  • - We only offer monthly volunteer activities. We only visit one institution once a month. We do not have daily or weekly volunteer activities. 
  • - Please be advised that Itaewon GVC does NOT provide any kind of visa sponsorship, official invitation for immigration purposes, accommodation or compensation for these volunteer activities. 
  • - We do NOT offer any paid volunteer activities. 
  • - We cannot accommodate group volunteers of more than 5 persons. 


Please be guided accordingly. Thank you. 




Katherine Corteza


Itaewon Global Village Center 



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