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The center facilitates the investment and business activities of foreigners by providing educational programs, seminars and

customized coaching in areas from starting a business to business management.



◆ Regular Educational Programs and Business Coaching

     *Business Start-up School(business classes on various practical subjects related to business start-up and operation

       (Business registration, taxation, finance, banking, law, real estate, labor, etc.)


     *Business coaching, workshops and seminars for successful management of a business


◆ Networking & Business matching

     * Networking and relationship building among the foreign entrepreneurs and Korean businesses

       through various exchange programs and events


비즈니스 심화과정 한국어(4.25~4.28)
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Name 이명찬
Date 2016-04-11 10:30 Hit 385
Subject 비즈니스 심화과정 한국어(4.25~4.28)


비즈니스 창업대학 심화과정(한국어)이 오는 4월 25일 개강합니다.

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