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Company Information

Global Culture Activity&Class Tutors
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Company 주식회사 플랜트삼이오
Nationality (company) Korea
Address 서울특별시 성동구 아차산로7나길 14 플레이스 비브
Homepage http://mingles.kr
Recruiting Manager 임성철 Jerry
Phone No.
Fax No.

Job Opening(s) Information

Posted Date 2019.04.25
Job Title Global Culture Activity&Class Tutors
Career Level Student (undergraduate/graduate)
Job Type Temporary/Contract
Job Status Part Time
Pay Negotiable KRW Per Hour
Categories Education, Training, and Library
Locations Seoul
Job Description "세상을 일상으로."
P2P 해외문화 액티비티 플랫폼 Mingles
해외문화 액티비티&클래스 외국인 튜터 'Minglers'를 모집합니다.

[ Looking for Global culture & language tutors 'Minglers' in Korea ]
* Payment: 20,000 by an hour OR Half of the profit
* Benefits: Personal branding / Model Filmling / Career / Reputation / Grand profits / Own Community / Connections / All supports for activitiy & class
* Schedule is up to you

Hello, We are Mingles doing P2P global culture activity & class platform business. Mingles also operates a complex cultural space 'Place Vib' and artist-client matching platform 'Vib.'

" Connect Culture & Create Newniverse. "

We are looking for 외국인 tutors 'Minglers' from each country who wanna create and do your cultural-linguistic activities & classes with us.

EX) YOGA(India) Flamenco Dance(Spain) 러시아어(Russia)
Turkey Coffee Fortune Telling (Turkey) Real Japan Trip(일본)

It will be an excellent opportunity for personal branding, career path, reputation, creating a sensation and grand profits in Korea. New connections and inner-communities will follow around you.

Team Mingles promise to do our best to make a profit. You don't need to gather students by yourself. Instead, our specialists will attract all customers and prepare other matters. Marketing / Profile Design / Event Planning / Contents Development / Space / Equipment / Materials / All supports for activity & class will be provided.

If you have an interest, please give us a reply. We look forward to meeting you and moving on the next step, more productive discussions.

Best regards, Mingles 임성철
Job Requirement * Who can teach in Korean about your country
(한국어로 여러분의 국가와 관련된 요리 춤 등 문화활동, 언어, 여행에 대해 알려주실 수 있는 분)
Guidelines for Applicants * Details & Tutor Application

* Location

* Website

* Blog (Activity & Class Examples)
Additional Information
Please Contact me freely :)
We will do our best for your valuable activity&class

* Contact: Kakaotalk ID 'dmc1994'
Closing Date 2019.05.04
Required Document Photo
Apply Type Homepage