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[ITAEWON GVC] Painting Class for Kids
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Education Period 2019-05-31 ~ 2019-05-31
Education Location Itaewon Global Village Center
Person in charge Katherine Corteza
Tel No. 02-2199-8883
Subject [ITAEWON GVC] Painting Class for Kids
On Friday, May 31st, from 4:20pm-5:50pm, Itaewon Global Village Center, with Ms. Erica Lan, will be hosting another painting class for kids.
Children age 7 years old and above are invited to join this painting class and learn how to draw like Van Gogh.
Painting like Van Gogh Acrylic painting for kids this is a full step by step learn to Beginners Acrylic Painting an easy to follow Painting like Van Gogh in acrylics. its Easy to follow every part of the painting process to get kids a great finished painting.
Erica Lan is the founder of “Ozart creativity” Art Studio and Products (Taiwan, Austrailia). She is a highly skilled and creative Art, Craft and Design teacher. She provides a rich and varied art education for all of students teaching diverse art styles, design techniques and craft skills.
The fee for this class is 15,000won. Complete details will be emailed to you after registration. To register by email, send your name, your child’s name and age, nationality, phone number and email address. (Pre-registration & pre-payment are required for this class.)
Email: kapcorteza@yongsan.go.kr