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You can meet One Stop-Service for foreign residents!
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Name 송희
Date 2019-05-30 14:30 Hit 157
Subject You can meet One Stop-Service for foreign residents!

🗣At 🌎Seoul Global Center🌎, you can meet

One Stop-Service for foreign residents!

▶️The Road Traffic Authority | Driving License Consultation

 📍 Mon. ~ Fri.  9:00~16:00

 📍 Foreign Driver’s License-Issuance of Korean Driver’s License, etc.

▶️Jongro Police Station |  Life Events Consultation(Reservation only)

 📍 Every Wed. 15:00~17:00

 📍 Personalized counseling for handling and reporting life events, etc.

▶️Gownet  |  Mobile Service

 📍 Mon. ~ Thu. 11:00~17:00

 📍 Mobile phone purchase and subscription, free int’l calling service, etc.

▶️Samsung Fire | Insurance Consultation for Foreigners

 📍 Every Tue. 9:00~12:00

 📍 Info and consultation for various insurance packages (i.e. car,  travel, dental…)

▶️National Pension |  Information and Consultation

 📍 Every Thu. 14:00~17:00

 📍 National  pension consultation, foreign workers’ payment inquiry, etc.

▶️ KB Kookmin Bank  | Financial Consultation(Reservation only)

 📍1st & 3rd Friday of every month 14:00~17:00

 📍 Banking issues, personalized financial consultation, etc.

5F Seoul Global Center, 38, Jong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul,  (50m from Jonggak St. Line 1, Exit 6)
Tel: 02-2075-4180 | Email: hotline@seoul.go.kr | http://global.seoul.go.kr