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Seoul Global Center Professional Consultation Guide – Real Estate
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Name 송희
Date 2019-05-30 16:07 Hit 342
Subject Seoul Global Center Professional Consultation Guide – Real Estate

“I’m curious about the process of purchasing an apartment in Korea.
As I’m a foreigner, I’m afraid of being cheated.”

Where can she find help on real estate issues without risking any money?

Seoul Global Center is ready to assist foreigners  in need of help!

Seoul Global Center houses authorized real estate agents who provide professional counseling services to foreigners on real estate sale, lease, conflicts and more.

The Real Estate Counseling Service is available on
Tuesdays and Fridays, 2PM~5PM for free on Level 5, Seoul Global Center.

The consultation is held in Korean,
and can be interpreted upon request.
Languages available include English, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Russian, Uzbek, Filipino, Arabic, Indonesian and Spanish.

Through the real estate counseling service at Seoul Global Center, she was guided through the process of buying an apartment and could carefully review the contract with the authorized real estate agent to purchase the apartment she wanted.

Foreign residents can receive consultations on real estate issues for free up to 3 times and are required to call in advance to arrange a time slot. Please contact the Seoul Global Center anytime!
☎ 02-2075-4180