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How to Apply for Foreign Residents Community Activities Support
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Subject How to Apply for Foreign Residents Community Activities Support
Attachment 2019년 외국인주민공동체 활동지원 제출서류.hwp

Seoul Global Center offers "Foreign Residents Community Activity Support"

to encourage the management of foreign residents' communities. 

Foreign communities in need of support are welcomed to apply.

■ Introduction of Foreign Residents Community Activity Support

▷ Details : Meeting or conference space, materials required for running the community, promotional 
               materials, etc.
▷ Eligibility : Representatives and members who are going to organize community events/meeting
                  from 2019 July 1st to November 30th
▷ Range of Support : Support will be provided in the range of 800,000 Won. 

■ Application Procedure

▷ Application period : June 1st (Sat) - 23th (Sun)
▷ Application method : via email
▷ Recipient : Daily Living Consultation Team, Seoul Global Center
    - Email : hyoeun0211@hanmail.net
▷ Required documents : Application form for "Foreign Residents Community Activity Support", a letter
   of introduction of community, a detailed plan of upcoming community events


■ Evaluation standard : status of community management, need for support, completion of plan for
    events etc.


■ Note
▷ Communities running activities that are inclined to certain political parties · religions · business activities are not eligible. 
▷ Support is provided in goods only, not in cash.
▷ The documents submitted will not be returned.
▷ Successful applicants will be informed individually.

■ inquire : 02-2075-4136