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3rd Business Start-up School (English)
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Education Period 2016-06-13 ~ 2016-06-24
Period of
2016-05-04 ~ 2016-06-08
Education Location Yeouido Global Business Center
Person in charge LEE MYEONG CHAN
Tel No. 02-6137-9832
Subject 3rd Business Start-up School (English)
Attachment 00_class application form.docx

Business Start-up School (English)


The 3rd Business Startup school is opening from June 13th to 24th, 2016.


You can get all the information you need to set up a business here and


network with professionals in relevant areas and other expats!


We are waiting for your challenge and ready to help you pursue your passion.


Register now! 



  Do you want to challenge yourself to start your own business?

  Here is a program just for you and we are waiting for your application.

  You can find attached application form here. 


  Please fill out sumbit it to us at


  For any inquiries, contact us directly at (02)6137-9832 or