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The center facilitates the investment and business activities of foreigners by providing educational programs, seminars and

customized coaching in areas from starting a business to business management.



◆ Regular Educational Programs and Business Coaching

     *Business Start-up School(business classes on various practical subjects related to business start-up and operation

       (Business registration, taxation, finance, banking, law, real estate, labor, etc.)


     *Business coaching, workshops and seminars for successful management of a business


◆ Networking & Business matching

     * Networking and relationship building among the foreign entrepreneurs and Korean businesses

       through various exchange programs and events


Business Seminar
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Name 이명찬
Date 2016-05-20 13:31 Hit 289
Subject Business Seminar

<Business Seminar for Japanese business man>

Let's grab the chance  
For Japanese business man, we organized seminar about Corporate Compliance.

Especially, This seminar will be very helpful for entrepreneur who are managing organization and office workers.

Experienced specialist will cover the lecture and your questions. To find out more info, please check the below notice. 


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