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Afterschool Art Class for Kids (Ruler Making)
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Name 이태원글로벌빌리지센터
Date 2016-05-27 10:15 Hit 648
Subject Afterschool Art Class for Kids (Ruler Making)

On Friday, June 10th, 4:20pm-5:50pm, the Itaewon Global Village Center will hold an Afterschool Art Class “Ruler.”

Participants will make their own ruler that can be used at their school and at home.

In the class, they will first color various materials with the colors they like. And then, they will paste the materials on the lid of the ruler. Finally, they will close the lid and fix the ruler. Children can develop their creativity and artistic talent to make their own ruler. (The materials they will use in the class might be slightly different from this sample pictures.)

Anyone whose age is between 5~13 years old can participate in this class. Parents can have free time while the class is running. (In case of a child under 6, our staff will help him/her to follow the class, so parents don’t need to worry.)

The participation fee for the class is 5,000won. You can sign up in person or by email only. (Only foreigners can join this program.)


Email: itaewon@yongsan.go.kr


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