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Dance Movement Therapy Class
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Name 이태원글로벌빌리지센터
Date 2016-05-27 10:43 Hit 759
Subject Dance Movement Therapy Class

On Friday, June 3rd, 10:00am-12:00pm, the Itaewon Global Village Center will hold an Art Therapy Class, called "Dance Movement Therapy".

As a form of expressive therapy, DMT use movements of the body to support intellectual, emotional and motor functions of the body.

Participants will follow the instructions from the therapist. The two-hour session will be divided into some developing short sessions. Participants can develop their creativity and evolve their cognitive functions through this class.

Though this class is especially designed for anyone older than 8 years old, anyone who understands English can participate. Participants are strongly being suggested to wear comfortable clothes.

This class is free of charge.

You can sign up in person or by email only (please let us know your name, nationality, phone number). As the room size is not that big, we could only accept the first 15 people.

Email: itaewon@yongsan.go.kr 

200자 까지 작성할 수 있습니다. (현재 남은 글자 : 200 자)