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Guidebook for Living in Seoul, A Must-Have for Foreign Residents
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Name 송희
Date 2020-01-06 10:32 Hit 87
Subject Guidebook for Living in Seoul, A Must-Have for Foreign Residents

Guidebook for Living in Seoul, A Must-Have for Foreign Residents

 Seoul Metropolitan Government created and is now distributing “Guidebook for Living in Seoul, A Must-Have for Foreigners” to ease lives of foreign residents and workers, multicultural families, tourists, etc. in Seoul. The guidebook is available in Korean, English, Mongolian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Spanish, Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Uzbek, Russian, Thai, Filipino, and Chinese.
“Guidebook for Living in Seoul” is available for any foreign resident and can be found in 4th and 5th floors of Seoul Global Center. It is also available online. Feel free to check E-book links below. 

▷ Guidebook for Living in Seoul E-book Links
Korean  http://www.srook.net/sgc2075/636936806260142086  
English  http://www.srook.net/sgc2075/636936824269792378  
Chinese  http://www.srook.net/sgc2075/636936835799587494  
Japanese  http://www.srook.net/sgc2075/636936827918256011  
Russian  http://www.srook.net/sgc2075/636936811887767156  
Uzbek  http://www.srook.net/sgc2075/636936826176606450  
Mongolian  http://www.srook.net/sgc2075/636936814440394764  
Vietnamese  http://www.srook.net/sgc2075/636936822166874751  
Thai  http://www.srook.net/sgc2075/636936840132304084  
Wikang Filipino  http://www.srook.net/sgc2075/636936842298506119 
Bahasa Indonesia http://www.srook.net/sgc2075/637136688073232500
Spanish  http://www.srook.net/sgc2075/637139010583852302
Arabic http://www.srook.net/sgc2075/637138987715357793

* All Copyrights and publication rights of this guidebook belongs to Seoul Metropolitan Government. Commercial use and reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited. For personal use only.
 * This guidebook is NOT FOR SALE.