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Korean Language Class Registration Schedule and FAQs (Summer Session)
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제목 Korean Language Class Registration Schedule and FAQs (Summer Session)

Korean Language Classes FAQs:


On registration:

1. Q: I only have a tourist visa but if I go to another country for a few days and come back to Korea, my tourist visa will be extended for another three months. I believe that I can still attend the Korean classes. Can I register for the class?

A: Unfortunately, no. First of all, these classes are created to help foreign residents live in Korea. “Foreign residents” pertain to foreigners who have valid visa to stay in Korea for more than 90 days continuously, without having to leave the country. Secondly, not all foreigners with tourist visa can automatically get an extension of three months when they leave the country for a short time and come back to Korea. To be fair to everyone, we have decided not to allow tourist visa holders to register for our Korean language classes.


2. Q: I just arrived in Korea a month ago. I have submitted all my documents to the immigration office and they are processing my alien registration card (ARC). Can I still register for the class even though I haven’t received my ARC?

A: Yes, just bring the official receipt (접수증) from the Immigration Office to prove that your ARC is being processed.


3. Q: I have a D-10 visa and it will expire two months after the start of Korean language classes. I know I can renew my alien registration card. Can I register for the Korean language class?

A: It depends. We prioritize students who can finish the class so validity period of your ARC is very important. Visas like “D-10,” have no assurance that it will be extended. While it is usually extended, this is not always the case. There are times where extension of stay in Korea can be denied. So if the validity period of your ARC does not cover the whole session, we can only put you on the waiting list.


4. Q: I have taken level test at Yeoksam Global Village Center and the test result shows that I am qualified for their Lower Beginner Korean Class. However, I cannot attend their classes because of the schedule so they recommended me to join Itaewon Global Village Center’s Classes instead. Can I join the classes without having to take the level test again?

A: You still have to take the level test. The level test in Yeoksam Global Village Center (or other village centers) is different from our center’s level test. Also, their level system is different from ours that is why you need to take the level test first. If you pass, you can register for our classes if there is still a spot.


5. Q: I have studied Korean language in one of the universities in Seoul. I have finished level 1. Can I register for the class without having to take the level test?

A: No. You have to take the level test to determine which class you belong.


6. Q: I took the level test two weeks ago but I failed. Can I study and take the level test again?

A: No. You only have one chance to take the test (per semester). If you fail, it means you have to take Absolute Beginner 1 (lowest level). Again, you can only register if there is still a spot.


7. Q: I want to register for Absolute Beginner 1 for the next session. I know the registration for that will be two months from now but I want to be sure that I get a spot. Can I register now?

A: No. We do not allow advance registration. Also, you have to be physically present during the registration day only. Registering through a representative or by phone or email is not allowed.


8. Q: My visa will expire in a month. If I enroll at Itaewon GVC’s Korean language classes, will your center be able to sponsor my visa?

A: No. Itaewon GVC (or any other global village centers) does not provide any type of visa sponsorship. Korean language classes are for foreigners who are residing in Korea as a legal resident (please read question no. 1).


9. Q: I am planning to apply for a permanent residency visa in Korea so I am interested in taking Korean language classes in your center. Are you going to give a certificate that I can submit it to the Immigration Office as proof of my Korean language skills?

A: We do give certificate of completion for students who pass the semester based on their attendance rate and examination results. However, these certificates are not for official use. Immigration Office will not recognize these certificates as proof of your Korean language skills. What you need to submit to the Immigration Office is the TOPIK score certificate (for more details about this please call 1345).  


For current students:


10. Q: I took the level test and the result was Absolute Beginner 2. I think the class is too easy for me so I want to move to higher level.

A: You can do that with the permission of the teacher of the next level. However, if there are no spots for the level you want to join, you cannot register for that class.


11. Q: I signed-up for 9:00am~10:30am class but because of my work, I need to leave about 10~15 minutes early every class time.

A: Sorry but we do not allow students to leave early (or be late every class time). This is because our classroom is very small that students cannot get in and out of the classroom without disturbing other students. Also, since our class is for 1 hour 30 minutes only, 10~15 minutes of class time is really important so that we can assure that we can cover the chapters that you need to study for this semester. This rule also applies to those who have to be late for every class time or those who can only attend 1 session/week.


PLEASE BEAR IN MIND THAT THE CLASSES WE OFFER ARE FREE OF CHARGE. We only ask for your cooperation and to please respect our rules. Thank you.




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