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[CLOSED][OASIS-4] [ONLINE] The 4th Business Start-up School in 2020
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Subject [CLOSED][OASIS-4] [ONLINE] The 4th Business Start-up School in 2020

Seoul Global Business Center is inviting future entrepreneurs to the Business Start-up School in 2020(OASIS-4).
Together with our business consultation service, this program provides expats in Seoul with the necessary information to set up and run a business successfully, as well as a chance to network with other expats and local professionals. 


 - Course Information-  
  · Course date&time: August 31 ~ September 11 7pm~9pm (Mon. to Fri., 20 hours in total)  
  · Class size: 30 people   
  · Completion criteria: 80% attendance (more than 16 hours)    
  · Curriculum: 10 subjects (Business Plan, Labor law, Tax, etc)    
  · Eligibility: Future entrepreneurs (international residents in Seoul)    
  · Language: English   
    ♦ Notice - This lecture is a real-time online class. You should attend the course with a device (desktop with a webcam or laptop or mobile phone) that can
show your face.     
      If you don’t show your face during the class, your attendance is not allowed.



- Application procedure – 

  1. Application period: August 26 5pm      *first-come, first-served 30 applicants.    
  2. Visit the link below and 
fill out the application form.   
  3. Send a copy of ARC or Passport via E-mail at sgcbiz@sba.seoul.kr   
    * If you use Yandex(
yandex.ru) email. Please use a different email.   
  4. Wait for the confirmation email.   
   - The application is accepted only when we receive fulfilled application and a copy of ARC(or passport). 


- Others – 

  · This course is run by the Seoul Metropolitan government and Tuition-Free.  
  · It is authorized as 
OASIS-4(25 points) by The ministry of justice.   

  · Contact and Inquiries: Tel (02)6361-4128 / Email sgcbiz@sba.seoul.kr