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Registration for Group Therapy Sessions(11/2-11/20)
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Subject Registration for Group Therapy Sessions(11/2-11/20)

Ensuring well-being during COVID-19 (Min Jung Doh, You&Me Psychological and Consultation Services)
Let's Talk about Self-care.
No. Dates Time Sessions
1 11.28.(SAT) 13:00–15:00 * How is COVID-19 affecting you? 
2 12.05.(SAT) * My current struggles
3 12.12.(SAT) * Social Life- My interpersonal relationships
4 12.19.(SAT) * Let's do more Self-care!

□ Participants : 8 Foreign Residents
□ Fee: Free of Charge
□ Place: ZOOM Online Platform
□ Main Language to be Used: English
□ Registration Period: November 2th - 20th via Seoul Global Center Website
□ Registration: Click the link below to continue.
□ Contact: 02-2075-4130 / jhshim@sgc.kr