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Newsletter November 2020
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Name 박소연
Date 2020-11-09 13:44 Hit 129
Subject Newsletter November 2020
Seorae Global Village Center Newsletter

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Seorae Global Village Center

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Online Cooking Class
  Dak Gomtang is a soothing, comforting hot chicken soup perfect for the freezing weather. It is also a good alternative to Samgyetang(삼계탕, ginseng chicken soup), which has ginseng and herbs as ingredients.
  Gomtang generally refers to a soup made by simmering beef bones and meat for several hours. The result is comforting milky broth with tender meat.
  Dak Gomtang is a variation made with chicken, but the chicken does not take as much time to cook. It is simple to make and typically served with cooked rice in the soup with shredded chicken meat on top along with lots of chopped scallion.
  As an appetizer/banchan, we will be making Ehhobakjeon, zucchini squash pancake, which is a very common Korean side dish, served along with a variety of other vegetable accompaniments to a meal. 
  Please join us for an online ZOOM session of cooking with chef Nancy Lee who has been showing our foreign resident community many cooking tips at the Seorae Global Village Center.
WHEN:  Monday November 23rd 2020 from 11:00 to 12:30 am
WHERE:  from your kitchen by joining ZOOM session online (you must have a camera and sound on your computer)
HOW TO JOIN:  email seorae@seoul.go.kr by telling us your name and your nationality.  We will send you the grocery shopping list with explanation of each ingredient and set you up to join a ZOOM meeting.
WHO CAN JOIN:  any adult living in Seoul as a foreign resident.
INQUIRIES:  02-2155-8916 seorae@seoul.go.kr
COST TO JOIN:  FREE upon registration. 

Korea, Off the Beaten Path
  Andong, the provincial capital of Gyeongsangbuk-do, is an antique and beautiful city with rich cultural heritage. The size of the city is 2.5 times larger than Seoul, so if it is your first visit, we recommend that you take time to tour around. It is essential to look around Dosan Seowon, the most famous Confucian academy, and Hahoe village, which is home to descendants of the Ryu clan and is well-known for its traditional houses.
  Aside from the traditional aspect, there are various places to enjoy, trendy cafes and pubs remodeled with hanoks, romantic night view on the Woryeonggyo Bridge, old and good eateries around the city hall, Nakdong River running through the heart of the city, beautiful parks and small walking paths along the mountains and rivers…
 Come and join the live Zoom session with Ms. Cho Eun Young, the publisher of MOVE magazine, an around-the-world trazel magazine in Korea. Reservation required with your email information to receive a meeting invitation online. 
WHEN:  Friday November 20th 2020 from 10:00 to 11:30 am
WHERE: Online, Zoom
HOW TO JOIN:  email seorae@seoul.go.kr by telling us your name, phone number and your nationality.  
WHO CAN JOIN:  any adults living in Seoul as a foreign resident.
INQUIRIES:  02-2155-8916 seorae@seoul.go.kr
COST TO JOIN:  FREE upon registration. 

If you are interested in this program, please contact seorae@seoul.go.kr or jenny.diouflewis@gmail.com

DROP OFF Location: Seorae Global Village Center, 3rd Floor (please knock the door if it is closed!)
Tel. 02-2155-8916/8949 Seorae@seoul.go.kr

Main Municipal Covid-19 Prevention Rules in Seoul
The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is adjusting its municipal social distancing level back down to 1, effective as of midnight on Mon, Oct. 12. It will be implemented indefinitely until any occurrence of sudden change, such as a surge in the number of confirmed cases.
Firstly, Seoul’s main municipal COVID-19 prevention rules will be relaxed. The citywide ban on gatherings, meetings, and events with +50/+100 persons (indoors/outdoors, respectively) will be lifted and citizens will be recommended to refrain. Audiences will be permitted for sporting events, provided that they take up no more than 30% occupancy.
Additionally, the current ban on gatherings at high-risk facilities that have been shut down will be lifted and such establishments will have to observe compulsory COVID-19 prevention rules (limited gathering). However, gatherings at door-to-door sales promotion halls will still be prohibited considering the ages of attendees.
Other rules will also be altered. Churches in Seoul, for which only online worship service has been permitted, will now be allowed to partially hold church worship service. However, church breakout sessions, events, and meals will still be prohibited.
The order on compulsory disease control and prevention (limited gathering) for 16 high-risk multi-use facilities will be maintained. Accordingly, the owners and users of such facilities must observe rules, such as wearing a face mask and signing the visitor log.
There are 16 types of facilities where the order of compulsory disease control and prevention continually applies, including restaurants/cafes/bakeries (150 m2 or larger), water parks, amusement parks, performance halls, movie theaters, PC bangs (Internet cafe), private academies (less than 300 students), job training centers, study cafes, amusement arcades, religious facilities, indoor wedding halls, bathhouses/saunas, indoor sports facilities, multi/DVD rooms, and funeral homes.  
For more details, please visit the Seoul Metropolitan Government website:  

The Seorae Global Village Center is part of a network of information and welcome centers for foreigners located in neighborhoods across Seoul where many foreign residents tend to reside. The opening of these centers was an initiative of the city of Seoul in 2008 with the mission to provide practical information about living in Korea so that foreign residents find the day-to-day management easy. Our primary role is to answer questions that pertain to daily life and to help manage situations where the language barrier becomes an issue.
You will find at the center Korean language programs as well as other cultural and artistic lessons to learn and appreciate the multiple facts of the Korean culture. We hope that this will help you create new encounters and discoveries. 
Please visit our website for more information about what's happening this month.

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