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Company Information

Blog Writer Intern
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Company Kworld Now
Nationality (company) Korea
Address 8, Gangnam-daero 53-gil, Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul
Homepage https://www.kworldnow.com
Recruiting Manager Natalie Tachikabe
Phone No.
Fax No.

Job Opening(s) Information

Posted Date 2021.02.17
Job Title Blog Writer Intern
Career Level Student (undergraduate/graduate)
Job Type Intern
Job Status Part Time
Pay 0 USD Per Year
Categories Arts / Entertainment/Media
Locations Seoul
Job Description KbeautyCon is a Korean beauty event that brings a unique experience straight from Korea. Korean beauty has taken the beauty industry by storm in recent years. This is a chance to better understand the success that comes with it.

We are currently looking for a skilled copywriter intern to join our team and work along with us to bring quality and creative initiatives to our clients. Some of the content will be be related to digital marketing innovations in general, korean culture and hallyu and beauty content.

This internship is for 6 months.

If you are passionate about K-beauty and have a vast knowledge on K-beauty and skincare then we would love to have you join our team. As a beauty content writer you will utilize your writing skills, knowledge to create striking and creative content as well as contribute to strategizing branding and marketing with other team members.

Your tasks include:

Collaborate with internal and external team members to create innovative content ideas.
Translate content ideas into actionable tasks.
Have consistent delivery of well-build creative thinking and materials to our clients
Construct ideas to strategize, structure, and pitch wording ideas
Research brands and market trends to develop relevantly concepts and stay up to date with trends
Job Requirement Minimum Associates Degree in Marketing or related field
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Up to date with beauty influencers and content creators
Up to date with latest trends in the digital marketing industry
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Strong organizational skills with the ability to multitask.
Sound attention to detail and problem-solving capability.
Familiarity with keyword placement and other SEO best practices.

Guidelines for Applicants
Additional Information
Closing Date 2021.03.16
Required Document Cover letter, Resume
Apply Type E-mail