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Company Information

2021 K-Food Global Suppoters [Recruting for K-Foodies]
You can find basic information about the company and information about the business situation.
Company RODAcompany
Nationality (company) Korea
Address 72, Siheung-daero 153-gil, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul
Homepage ENGLISH | My Site 5 (wixsite.com)
Recruiting Manager Boram Jeong
Phone No. 02-874-2790
Fax No. 02-871-2795

Job Opening(s) Information

Posted Date 2021.06.30
Job Title 2021 K-Food Global Suppoters [Recruting for K-Foodies]
Career Level Student (undergraduate/graduate)
Job Type Temporary/Contract
Job Status Full Time
Pay Negotiable USD Per Year
Categories Advertising / Marketing / Public Relations
Locations No Preference
Job Description 2021 재한 외국인 한국 농식품 품평단원 K-Foodies를 모집합니다
2021 K-Food Global Suppoters [Recruting for K-Foodies]

Looking for (모집대상)
1.Looking for (모집대상)
Cambodia, Philippines, Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Australia, Brazil
(캄보디아, 필리핀, 몽골, 러시아, 카자흐스탄, 호주, 브라질)
Residents from the above 7 countries who have been in Korea regardless of age or job
7개국 국적의 주한 외국인 (연령, 직업 상관 없음).
Must have a computer or a laptop capable of video chatting online through an online exhibition.
(온라인 품평회로 화상채팅을 할 수 있는 컴퓨터 또는 노트북 보유 필수)

2.Preferred Condition (선발 우대 조건)
-Those who have lived in Korea for less than two years
(국내에서 거주한 지 2년 미만인 자)
-Those who can read/write daily conversations in Korean
(한국어로 일상적인 대화가 가능하며 읽기/쓰기가 가능한 자)
-Those who are active on a social network such as Facebook, Instagram, and blogs, and like to take pictures and enjoy writing.
(페이스북, 인스타그램, 블로그 등 SNS를 운영하고, 사진 촬영과 글쓰기를 좋아하는 자)

3.Apply for (지원 부문)
-K-Foodies(Evaluation member) / 일반 품평단
Attend the online exhibition and promote K-food (한국 농식품 홍보 및 품평회 행사 참여)
-Star K-Foodies (SNS Marketer) / SNS 마케터
Attend the online exhibition and promote K-food
Via creating contents (missions are given separately)
품평회 행사 참여 및 SNS 홍보 활동 (별도 미션 수행)

Job Requirement Activities (활동 내용)
All (공통 사항)
1.Participate in The K-Food Supporter Launching Ceremony (Online, July 23rd)
재한 외국인 한국 농식품 품평단 온라인 발대식 참여(7월 23일)
2.Attend an online Food Evaluation Fair / 온라인 품평회 참여
The Unboxing-K (July 23rd) / 재한 외국인 한국 농식품 품평회 (7월 23일)
The Unboxing-K with BKF (Oct) / BKF연계 한국 농식품 품평회 (10월 중)
3.Attend Mini Evaluation Sessions (Aug ~ Sep) / 소규모 품평회 (8~9월 중)
4.SNS Contents : . Write two reviews(separate postings) of products on your personal blog or SNS
SNS 콘텐츠 : 개인 SNS에 품평 제품 시식 리뷰 포스팅 및 콘텐츠 2건 게시, 홍보활동
SNS Marketer (SNS 마케터)
Promote K-Food via creating SNS contents (missions are govern separately)
한국 농식품 SNS 홍보 진행 (별도 미션 수행)

Benefits (활동 혜택)
1.Sampling Korean agricultural food box (delivered to your home) / 품평 제품 시식 ‘샘플 박스’ 제공(택배 발송)
2.Appointed Certification for K-Food Suppoters / 재한 외국인 한국 농식품 품평단 임명장
3.Monetary Compensations for K-Food supporters / Appointed Marketer (품평단 활동비 / 마케팅 활동비)
-Online Evaluation(per fair) / 온라인 품평회(회당) : 80,000 KWN
-Mini Evaluation session (per session) / 소규모 품평회(회당) : 50,000 KWN
-SNS 마케터 : 150,000KWN
4.Best K-Supporters Rewards (우수 품평단 포상)
-1st Place(1pers.) / 최우수상(1인) : 800,000KWN
-2nd Place(2ppl) / 우수상(2인) : 500,000KWN
-3rd Place(3ppl) / 장려상(3인) : 200,000KWN
Guidelines for Applicants How to apply (지원 방법)
Apply via Google form link (구글폼 링크를 통한 온라인 신청)
(Identification: Certificate of alien registrationand photo required (외국인등록증, 사진 필수))
- Application Link(링크) : https://forms.gle/8cUDXMxHca9Rb3n48

Recruiting Period (접수 기간)
2021. 6. 29. (Tue) ~ 7. 12.(Mon) (2weeks)
- Announcement(합격자 발표) : 2021. 7. 14.(Wed) 16:00 | via E-mail / SMS
- Terms of Commitment : 2021. 7. 23 ~ 11.30
※ Individual notification will be made for successful applicants. (합격자는 개별 통보 예정)
Additional Information Contact
2021 Unboxing K Office (2021 Unboxing K 운영사무국)
E-mail. unboxingk2021@gmail.com
Tel. 02-874-2790
ENGLISH | My Site 5 (wixsite.com)
Closing Date 2021.07.12
Required Document Cover letter
Apply Type Homepage