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3rd Semester Free Korean Language Classes Application YGVC /3학기 무료 한국어 신청서
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Name 칼릴자데니하트
Date 2021-08-09 10:16 Hit 496
Subject 3rd Semester Free Korean Language Classes Application YGVC /3학기 무료 한국어 신청서
Attachment korean classes.jpg
**Registration link for free Korean Language Course**

Dear all,
Yeoksam Global Village Center starting new semester registration for 3rd semester of 2021. Please check registration link below and let us know if you have any questions.
-Korean Language course of Yeoksam Global Village Center is for those foreign residents with ARC living in Korea and willing to learn Korean language.
-We are going to use Zoom platform for Korean lectures until situation gets better.
-Per person can apply for 1 class, please understand that there are many people willing to improving their Korean language skills and we would love to help more people.Those who registered more than 1 class having bad attendance score at the end of semester.
-Please check the class time then apply for it, since we have classes from morning till evening.
-Write proper contact number and email to reach you.
-If you have more questions please contact director@gangnam.go.kr and we will answer you at most in 3 days.
Thank you and good luck!
Registration link for classes: