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Notice for an Extended Psychology Consultation
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Subject Notice for an Extended Psychology Consultation

Notice for an Extended Psychology Consultation



Current free English and Korean Psychological counseling restricted on relationship problem with coworkers,


job stress and a balance between the work and personal life will be provided in wider range of issues such as


depression, anxiety, family problem and a cultural difference. If you look for a healthy and balanced relation,


communication and inner well being, we are here to support you.




□ General outline


- Counseling Service: Psychological Counseling by a professional psychotherapist


- Date: From September to December, 2016


- Applicant: Foreigners who are able to communicate in Korean or English (over 18 years old only)


- Location: Psychological Counseling Research Center in Hapjeong-dong


- Languages provided: English and Korean


- Counseling will be provided for matters related to depression, anxiety, relationship, family problem    

  and cultural adjustment, etc.



□ How to apply


- For application : Visit Seoul Global Center, 5th floor of Seoul Global Center building.

  (For inquiry ☎ 02-2075-4180 )


- Procedure: Preliminary counseling at Seoul Global Center

  → Apply for a Psychology Consultation

  → Determine if the person needs the counseling

  → Connect the applicant to the YOU&ME Psychological Counseling Research Center


- Counseling session: 1 sessions per week

  (50 minutes per session/ maximum of 5 sessions per person)