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[금천 GVC_법률칼럼] 闪婚嫁给韩国人,结婚5天闪离
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Name 박보경
Date 2016-09-27 14:04 Hit 2663
Subject [금천 GVC_법률칼럼] 闪婚嫁给韩国人,结婚5天闪离





















<Flash marriage to marry South Koreans, married 5 days away from>



By chance, the Chinese woman Wang met through the dating site far in South Korea Kim, after more than a month after the video chat to her to marry him, Wang promised.



So Wang to do a single tourist visa to South Korea and Kim registration and married for 5 days, after Wang returned to China because of visa problems.



However, for various reasons, Kim has not been able to handle immigration procedures for Wang, long-term separation of the two sides are through the Internet to chat, feelings slowly began to playdown. Wang in China to the long-term separation of the two sides lack of emotional exchange, and in the personality and cultural differences exist on the grounds of entrusted lawyers to the South Korean court to divorce.



Court hearing the case, Wang commissioned by the attorney sitting in the plaintiff, Kim sitting in the dock. The court held that the two met by the network, not fully understand the circumstances that apply for marriage registration procedures, 5 days after living together, Wang will return to South Korea, the two sides since separation. Thus, we can conclude that the basis of the relationship between the two premarital affair is not strong, married and did not establish the feelings of husband and wife, the marriage has been in name only, so the request of Wang and Kim divorce litigation request should be supported. South Korean court sentenced the case for the two divorce. At this point, together by the network chat flash marriage transnational marriage was lifted.



So, the Korean court divorce judgment, how to take effect in China?



In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of China, Chinese parties may apply to the Chinese courts for recognition of the divorce judgment of the foreign court. A foreign court ruling in judicial assistance agreements with China shall apply for recognition in accordance with the provisions of the agreement. If a party in China holds a divorce judgment issued by a foreign court and applies to the Chinese court for recognition of its binding force, the Chinese party shall admit its binding force if the foreign court decision does not violate the basic principles of Chinese law or the interests of the state and society, The application was dismissed. Ruling the first instance final, shall not appeal.


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