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Seoul, Asia's next market
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Name 관리자
Date 2016-01-18 14:19 Hit 304
Subject Seoul, Asia's next market
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In the past, the role of finance in Korea was simply to support the real economy. Today, the industry is not only supporting the real economy, it is also becoming a core industry through major developments both in the local capital markets and region-wide expansion. Korea’s finance sector is in a period of exciting transformation, becoming a high value-added, service-sector industry in of itself.
    Seoul Metropolitan Government(SMG) is developing a convenient business environment and continually upgrading quality of life to speed up the development of financial industry. Our goal is to transform Seoul into a next generation financial center; a nexus of opportunity, market potential, innovative business and outstanding quality of life.
Simply look closer and you will see lots of opportunities that you can't overlook.

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