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Chilbo Bracelet Making Class
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이름 이태원글로벌빌리지센터
작성일 2016-11-23 15:16 조회 1057
제목 Chilbo Bracelet Making Class

On Friday, December 9th, 10:00am-12:00pm, the Itaewon Global Village Center will hold “Chilbo Bracelet Making Class.” Participants will experience how to make their own bracelet using ‘Chilbo’ art.


Chilbo is the Korean word for the Seven Treasures (gold, silver, lapis, crystal, coral, agate, pearl). Chilbo had been exclusively used to make royal ornaments in the old days. In the west, Chilbo is similar to craft making technique called “enameling.”

While there are many techniques to make Chilbo, we will use a technique that makes a beautiful pattern with frit. You can choose colors for your necklace and design the pattern according to your taste, so your necklace will be unique. Plus the process of making the necklace is fun!


The participation fee is 15,000won(per item). You can sign up in person at the center or by email.


(Only foreigners can join this program)


Email: itaewongvc@yongsan.go.kr


200자 까지 작성할 수 있습니다. (현재 남은 글자 : 200 자)