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Minhwa Eco Bag Painting Class
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Name 이태원글로벌빌리지센터
Date 2017-02-27 13:27 Hit 414
Subject Minhwa Eco Bag Painting Class

On Friday, March 17th, 1:00pm-3:00pm, the Itaewon Global Village Center will hold a “Minhwa Eco bag Painting Class” The class will give participants an opportunity to paint the Minhwa art on the Eco-bag. “Minhwa art” refers to the Korean folk art that consists of paintings of mythical figures and other objects in a specific plain, straightforward and simplistic style.

The underdrawing work will be prepared for the class, and participants will be asked to choose one among two types of drawing when they register: ① A Tiger with a Magpie (까치호랑이), ② Paeonia suffruticosas with a butterfly (모란)


In this class, you will have a chance to learn Minhwa painting with the traditional Korean color spectrum which is known as “Obangsaek.” Everyone is welcome to join the class!


The fee would be 12,000 won (per one eco bag). You can sign up in person or by email only. (Only Foreigners can join this program.)


Email: yjheo1@yongsan.go.kr


200자 까지 작성할 수 있습니다. (현재 남은 글자 : 200 자)