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Company Information

Voice recording for Mexican Spanish native speaker
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Company Mediazen
Nationality (company) Korea
Address 경기도 성남시 분당구 성남대로 925번길 41
Homepage http://www.mediazen.co.kr
Recruiting Manager Seungshin Oh
Email ssoh@mediazen.co.kr
Phone No.
Mobile Phone No.
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Job Opening(s) Information

Posted Date 2017.03.03
Job Title Voice recording for Mexican Spanish native speaker
Career Level Entry Level (less than 2 years of experience)
Job Type Temporary/Contract
Job Status Part Time
Pay 25000 KRW Per Hour
Categories Information Technology
Locations Gyeonggi
Job Description - Voice recording of Mexican Spanish
- Read out the script we provide
- About 8~10 hours of recording time in total (2 hours per day)
Job Requirement - No professional experience is required
Guidelines for Applicants Please send us a resume to ssoh@mediazen.co.kr
Additional Information Our office is situated in Bundang near Yatap subway station
All Visa type except E10 is admitted.
Closing Date 2017.03.31
Required Document Resume
Apply Type E-mail