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Photo contest hosted by the Ministry of Justice
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Name 박소연
Date 2017-03-06 10:57 Hit 455
Subject Photo contest hosted by the Ministry of Justice

Photo Contest ' Capture Harmony' in commermoration

of the 10th Together Day


-hosted by the Ministry of Justice-


'Together Day' is anational commemorative day designated as May 20th to create an environment where Korean nationals and foreigners residing in Korea live in harmony.


In celebration of the 10th Together Day, the Ministry of Justice hosts a photo contest titled 'Capture Harmony'.


Capture and portray the moments where foreigners and Koreans live in harmony and share diverse cultural experiences together. These photos will help to make people get closer and respect each other. We look forward to your participation in showing the image of Korea.



1. Contest Overview



□ Title : 「Capture Harmony」in commemoration of the 10th Together Day


□ Entry Eligibility : Foreigners residing in Korea and Korean nationals (men and women of all ages)


□ Entry Theme


○ “The harmony between us always touches our hearts.”

○ Photographs that illustrate the theme of this year’s Together Day.

○ Photographs that portray values held by both Korean nationals and foreigners


□ Contest Timeline


○ Entry period : ‘17. 3. 9. (Thu) ~ 3. 31.(Fri) 24:00

○ Announcement of winners : ‘17. 4. 28. (Fri)

The winners will be announced on the Together Day website at www.togetherday.kr

○ Awards ceremony : ‘17. 5. 19. (Fri)

※ The schedule above is subject to change by the host.



2. How to Enter


□ Entry Material


○ Material specifications

- JPG, JPEG files less than 2Mb

※ Winners must submit original file more than 2Mb (If it is not submitted, awards may be revoked)


○ Maximum number of entries

- not more than 3 photos per person



□ Submission Guideline & Inquiries


○ ONLINE submission only (Entries sent by mail will not be accepted)

- Only entries uploaded and submitted via the Together Day website at www.togetherday.kr will be accepted.


○ For additional information, please contact: Immigration Integration Division, Ministry of Justice

(☎ 02-2110-4047,4152)



3. Awards




Prize & Reward

Top Excellence Award

1 winner

Commendation of Minister of Justice, 1,000,000 KRW

Excellence Award

2 winners

Commendation of Minister of Justice, 500,000 KRW

Encouragement Award

4 winners

Commendation of Minister of Justice, 300,000 KRW



※ For the receipt of the prize, the winners must attend the 10th Together Day Commemorative Ceremony, which will be held on May 19, 2017.



4. Entry Rules


○ Up to 3 entries are allowed per person, but only one prize will be awarded per contest winner.


○ Entries should only be submitted ONLINE via the Together Day website.


○ Photos awarded in other contests and composites will be excluded from the contest, and only photos taken by the entrant him/herself will be rendered eligible for the contest.


○ No entries will be returned. Any entry found to have been plagiarized or have won a prize in another contest will be disqualified, and the prize and reward will be asked to return to the organizer.


○ By entering the Contest, entrant represents and warrants that the submitted photograph is an original work and does not infringe on the portrait, moral rights of the author or other intellectual property rights. Entrants shall bear sole civil and criminal responsibility for any conflicts arising with regard to infringement of such rights and laws.


○ Award-winning entries might be presented in Together Day Commemorative Ceremony or through any other online media, or used for the promotion of Together Day and the immigration policy of the Ministry of Justice.


200자 까지 작성할 수 있습니다. (현재 남은 글자 : 200 자)