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Company Information

Market Research Healthcare Intern
You can find basic information about the company and information about the business situation.
Company Ipsos Korea
Nationality (company) Korea
Address 12th Fl., The Korea Economic Daily News Bldg., 463 Cheongpa-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul 04505
Homepage www.ipsoskorea.com
Recruiting Manager Jennilee Hwang
Email internapply@ipsos.kr
Phone No.
Mobile Phone No.
Fax No.

Job Opening(s) Information

Posted Date 2017.03.06
Job Title Market Research Healthcare Intern
Career Level Student (undergraduate/graduate)
Job Type Intern
Job Status Full Time
Pay 1,300,000 KRW Per Month
Categories Others
Locations Seoul
Job Description A Global Market Research Group
Company: Ipsos Korea

Job Title: Intern

입소스(IPSOS) 인턴 모집
입소스(IPSOS)는 리서치 전문가가 설립하고 경영하는 유일한 Top-tier 글로벌 리서치 기업입니다. 입소스(IPSOS)는 현재 전 세계 87개 국가에서 16,000명의 리서치 전문가가 2.5조원 규모의 시장 조사를 수행하고 있으며, 국제표준기구인 ISO에서 발급하는 시장 조사 및 사회 여론 조사의 신뢰성을 보장하는 국제 인증제도 ISO 20252를 획득함으로써, 세계적으로 공인된 조사의 품질과 신뢰성 높은 서비스를 고객에게 제공합니다.
입소스(IPSOS)는 한국 마케팅 리서치 분야를 선도해 나갈 역량 있는 인재를 아래와 같이 모집합니다.

주요 업무

-데이터 입력/확인
-보고서 작성 지원
-좌담회 준비 등

* 공통 지원자격
-한국어, 영어 능통자 (작문 및 회화)
-MS Office 사용 가능자

지원 자격

-학사 졸업자 및 졸업예정자
-약학, 간호학, 생명과학, 화학, 심리학, 통계학 등 헬스케어 관련 전공자 우대
-헬스케어 리서치 관련 경력 우대

Why apply for an Ipsos Internship?
You will be involved in cutting edge market research techniques. Exposure to analysis of current trends will illuminate your notions of the Market Research industry. You will experience, firsthand, how Market Research is conducted and delivered.
You are expected to maintain a high level of professionalism, will be treated as professionals, and will have real responsibility working side-by-side with some of the best researchers in the industry.
You will develop close bonds with colleagues and will benefit from an extensive intern alumni network.

What is involved?
Translation, desk research, data entry, data checking, survey moderation, fieldwork supervising, focus group notation, overseas support, etc.

Term of Internship: Three months required (*We accept applications all year round)
Average working hours: 45 – 50 per week (09:30AM – 06:30PM)
Location: Subway: Chunjeongno Station (Lines 2&5), Seoul
Compensation: Disclosed at interview stage
Job Requirement Qualifications
 -Excellent English proficiency, both written/spoken
 -Native fluency in Korean
 -Excellent MS Office skills
 -Valid Korean passport (or permission to work in Korea)
 *Graduates/Soon-to-be Graduates with majors in Science, Psychology, Sociology preferred

Desired Skills / Attributes
 -Professional
 -Proactive / Self-motivated
 -Able to work effectively in a team and independently
 -Able to work under pressure and meet deadlines
 -Multi-tasking ability
 -Excellent time management

Guidelines for Applicants
- 1차 서류전형
- 2차 면접전형 근무 기간

- 3개월/ 업무 평가를 통해 추가 3개월 연장 가능
*6개월 근무 후 신입연구원 지원 자격 부여(정규직 자동 전환 없음)
1) 문의 및 지원방법: 이메일 접수(internapply@ipsos.kr)
2) 제출 서류: 5개의 서류를 하나의 Word, 또는 PDF파일로 전송 (파일 및 이메일 제목: “인턴_성명”)
① 첨부된 Application Form(회사 양식: 영문 작성/ 근무시작가능일자 및 필드 체크 정확히 기재)
② 국문 이력서(자유 양식)

To Apply
1) Fill out an Application Form
2) Submit English resume and English cover letter as well Korean resume and Korean cover letter along with the application form (5 documents in total) as a single Word file

*All communication must be in English. Only short listed candidates will be notified and must complete a translation test (Kor>Eng/Eng>Kor). All applications are dealt with on a first come first serve basis.
Additional Information
Closing Date
Required Document Resume , Photo, Cover letter
Apply Type E-mail