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Adaptable Human Solutions: Seminar on Cultural Adaptation in Korea
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Name 이태원글로벌빌리지센터
Date 2017-04-26 13:28 Hit 362
Subject Adaptable Human Solutions: Seminar on Cultural Adaptation in Korea

On Friday, May 26th,  10:00am~ 12:00pm, Itaewon GVC together with Adaptable Human Solutions (AHS) will hold a seminar on Cultural Adaptation in Korea and the ways to manage psychological problems that comes with it. This seminar will be conducted by Mr. Luke Ramsey and William Lee of AHS. 


I've got Seoul but I'm not a Soldier


Join Luke Ramsey and William Lee from Adaptable Human Solutions (AHS) as they explore common themes in daily life living as a foreigner in Korea. They will expand on cultural insights, cultural differences and the adaption process most foreigners experience. They will integrate the materials to introduce practical ways to cope and improve your engagement with Korea.


Luke Ramsey is the Managing Director and William Lee is a therapist (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) at Adaptable Human Solutions. AHS is in its 11th year of providing high quality, effective psychological counseling services in Korea. They are comprised of English speaking credentialed professionals who have achieved advanced degrees specific to psychotherapy and place focus on helping individuals and families excel in Korea.


(To know more about AHS, please visit their website: https://ahskorea.com)


This seminar is free of charge. You can sign-up in person or by e-mail. To sign up by email, please email us your name, nationality and phone number.


*** Only foreigners can join this seminar.


Email: kapcorteza@yongsan.go.kr


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