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Free Metabolic Syndrome Health Check-up
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Name 이태원글로벌빌리지센터
Date 2017-05-25 10:24 Hit 312
Subject Free Metabolic Syndrome Health Check-up

On Thursday, June 22nd, 9:00am-12:00pm, the Itaewon Global Village Center, in cooperation with Yongsan District Office Health Center, will be offering Free Metabolic Syndrome and Health Check-up for foreign residents. This will be done at the Yongsan District Office, Health Center. 

Foreigners age 20~64 years old are invited to undergo the health check-up.  This will cover check-up for metabolic syndrome: blood sugar, blood pressure, neutral fat, cholesterol, BMI, etc.)

(NOTE: ※ This will just be a check-up. We won’t be providing any medical care or treatment. Those who need extra medical care should visit a hospital by themselves with the checkup result.)


This will be held on a first come, first served basis. We encourage everyone to register beforehand. To register, please e-mail us your name, nationality and phone number.


Email: yjheo1@yongsan.go.kr


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