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Chalk Art Class
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작성일 2017-08-29 15:42 조회 971
제목 Chalk Art Class

On Wednesday, September 13th, 09:30am~11:30pm, the Itaewon Global Village Center will hold Chalk art class. The class will give participants an opportunity to learn to make your own chalkboard paint. 


How to Draw Like an Artist On a Chalkboard

Chalkboard paint is popular thanks to its blend of sentiment, whimsy and practicality. Whether it's painted on walls, furniture or appliances, chalkboard paint has certainly come a long way from the basic green or slate gray boards used in schools. You can use the chalkboard paint in unexpected ways — like on the back of a kitchen island or in place of a headboard. From this class; you will learn the tips about drawing and coloring in varying shades of oil pastel colors.


The fee would be 20,000 won (All materials are included). You can sign up in person or by email only. The venue of this event will be at Itaewon Global Village Center. Specific details will be emailed to you once you have made your payment.  (Only Foreigners can join this program).


Email: treefire22@yongsan.go.kr




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