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About naturalization
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Name Ko Aung
Date 2017-09-02 20:50 Hit 205
Subject About naturalization


Please let me know how much money balance is required in Korea just to show financial stability proof when applying for naturalization through general process.


[Reply]    2017.09.13

Hello. This is Seoul Global Center.

Please refer to the requirements for general naturalization below uploaded on HIKOREA, the official website of Immigration Office;


<Required Documents>

  • - Items subject to change depending on individual circumstances.
    - Documents written in foreign languages need to be translated in Korean and notarized. Notarization will be exempted only for English and Chinese. (In this case, you must record name and contact number of translator.)
  • Naturalization Application Form: Attach 1 color photo (4cm x 5cm)
    - After filling out the form, submit 2 copies of the first page
  • A copy of Passport
  • A Statement for Citizenship Application
  • Prepare the Statement of Identity / A copy of Statement of Identity with photo attached 
  • A copy of foreign family registration or citizenship papers
  • A Recommendation Letter from more than 2 persons (attached with a Certificate Incumbency of those recommending)
    - By individuals qualified for recommendation according to Article 3-23 of Nationality Act regulations.
    • Example: Congressman, head of local government, council member, educational committee member / senior officer, Principal / assistant principal of elementary and middle school, judge, prosecutor, attorney, professor, university instructor, senior public officer, employee (manager or higher) of financial institute, broadcasting company and daily newspaper, and employee (manager or higher) of listed company.
  • Documents proving the applicant’s (or the family members’in the same household) financial sufficiency
    Applicants for Naturalization (General)
    1) Certificate of Income attesting to Gross National Income (GNI) per capita or more for the previous year publicly announced by the Bank of Korea (issued by the head of a district tax office)
    2) Documents proving financial assets (deposit·installment savings·securities) worth upward of 60 million KRW
    3) Certificate of real estate registration worth upward of 60 million KRW at officially assessed land price or a copy of real estate lease contract indicating lease deposits of upward of 60 million KRW
  • Proving documents of parents, spouse, children, marriage status or adoption of person who applied for naturalization
  • Documents issued by government of People's Republic of China proving the person who applied for naturalization is Korean Chinese when his/her name is written in Korean pronunciation not in Chinese pronunciation
  • In case that the person who applied for naturalization specifies the date of birth newly, a certificate proving this fact issued by Embassy or consulate's office of their original country.
  • Notice


If you would like to ask further, please call Immigration Office Call Center at 1345.

Thank you.