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Company Information

Online Marketing
You can find basic information about the company and information about the business situation.
Company Law Firm ‘NaRu’
Nationality (company)
Address 502-5th floor, 557 Gyeongin-ro , Guro-gu , Seoul
Homepage http://lawfirmnaru.com
Recruiting Manager : Bhang Kyung il
Email maverick7401@naver.com
Phone No. 02-6959-7020
Mobile Phone No. 010-2697-0188
Fax No. 02-2636-7020

Job Opening(s) Information

Posted Date 2017.09.20
Job Title Online Marketing
Career Level Student (High School)
Job Type Temporary/Contract
Job Status Part Time
Pay Negotiable KRW Per Month
Categories Advertising / Marketing / Public Relations
Locations Seoul
Job Description we are looking for someone to work with the 'Naru'foreigner employment team, a law firm based in Seoul. we are looking for a person who can do interpreters and social media activities on Facebook to solve the legal problems of foreign workers living and working in Korea. Korean ability is required.
Job Requirement An ability to use or willingness to learn.

・ Vietnamese, Thai, Philipino, Indonesian, Cambodian who can speak Korean.

・ Not Korean

・ Gender: Woman

・ Career Level: Student

・ Facebook Ad Campaigns

・ Monitor media related to legal service requests of
Foreign Workers and comment to increase activity.
(example: Facebook ‘like’)

・ Direct Communication with Customers over the phone.

・ Attend client meeting
Guidelines for Applicants
Additional Information *Job type Freelancer contract availible.

*The wage is more than 1,500,000KRW including incentive and base salary.
Closing Date 2017.12.31
Required Document Photo, Resume
Apply Type E-mail, Visit