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Turkish Art: Ebru Art Class
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작성일 2017-10-27 14:57 조회 946
제목 Turkish Art: Ebru Art Class

On Friday, November 10th, 2:00-4:00pm, the Itaewon Global Village Center will hold a “EBRU ART Class” The class will give participants an opportunity to learn about Turkish traditional art ‘EBRU’.  Do not miss the chance to explore the unique world of marbling art.


EBRU: The Art Of Paper Marbling
Ebru is a traditional Turkish art of paper decoration by spreading paints, which do not dissolve in water, with brushes made of horse hair and rose wood on dense water that is thickened by gum-tragacanth.

The word Ebru origin comes from Persian language (Ebri-eyebrow or Ab-ru-face of water) Ebru in Turkish which means marbling. It isn't known exactly when or where Ebru art started but the early examples are from the 16th century in the Ottoman-Turkish era and spread from the east to the west by way of Silk Road and other trade routes same as like paper. Ebru was listed in 2014 by UNESCO.


The fee would be 25,000 Won. The venue of this event will be near Yeoksam Station (Line 2). Specific details will be emailed to you once you send us an email for reservation.


You can sign up in person or by email only. (Only Foreigners can join this program.)


Email: treefire22@yongsan.go.kr


200자 까지 작성할 수 있습니다. (현재 남은 글자 : 200 자)