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business registration
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Name Mino Witte
Date 2017-11-22 00:44 Hit 273
Subject business registration


I am currently living in Berlin but im moving to Seoul for at least 1 year (student visa) in february 2018, i am working on a online shop for clothing and its finished now- 


now i want to start selling and i dont know in which country i should register the business, in germany you have to register a business as soon as you earn money (even when its only 1 cent) its mandatory to have a license in germany before even starting. My question is, when do i need a business registration number in korea? is it similar to germanys regulations? Or can i start doing business in korea wihtout a business number to a certain point?  its only a small onlne shop, without thousand dollars of investments, i just wanted to sell some clothes.


And when i do need a business number in korea as soon as i start doing money , i read that for foreigners, you need a lot of money (i forgot the exact number but more than 50.000$ i think) in order to start business in korea, is this really true? and when yes does it apply for half koreans? since some things become easier when having a korean parent (for example getting visa)  


And when this is the case (that you need a big amount of money to start business in korea which i dont have) ,even when this is not the case, is it possible to register my business in a different country, for example Hong Kong Ltd or Seychelles IBC, while living in Korea? I found several agents online which are offering business registration + virtual office (since i will live in korea and not fx Hong Kong or Seychelles)  so my question about this is - is it legal? to have a virtual office? to have business in a country where you not even live in? what about the taxes, tax rate in Seychelles is 0% does that mean i dont have to pay taxes while living in korea? How is it possible to legally own a Hong Kong ltd or Seychelles IBC while living in Korea OR Germany, 

also my clothes are all sourced and made in China, while i dont have any business activity in a country like the Seychelles, i do have activity in China since my clothes are coming from there, does that mean its possible to have a Hong Kong Ltd since i am sourcing my products from China? is this a matter?  

so as you can see i have a very complicated situation and i dont know where and when i should register my business (Germany, Korea, Hong Kong, Seychelles?) . It would be a HUGE help when somebody can help me with this, since i cant do more research on this topic. 

Best Regards, Mino Witte