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The 21st Seoul Global Internship Recruitment Application - Mailbox unavailable
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Name Ganna Korostelova
Date 2017-12-03 17:59 Hit 234
Subject The 21st Seoul Global Internship Recruitment Application - Mailbox unavailable
I was trying to apply for Intership opportunity, but all the emails send to mentioned email don't go through. I get the following message 

NOTICE: Delivery Failure.
This Delivery Status Notification is sent from MTA...
Your delivery to the following address has been failed.
Please refer to the below for details.
Delivery failed: global_intern@seoul.go.kr does not like recipient.
Remote host said[Response Message]: 550 Mailbox unavailable global_intern@seoul.go.kr
Giving up on

I have also tried to contact Multiculturalism Division thought the mentioned phone number, but nobody picked up. 

I had no other means to contact anyone regarding this matter on the web page below.

Intership notice: http://english.seoul.go.kr/21st-seoul-global-internship-recruitment-notice/

[Reply]    2017.12.19


Sorry for late reply and hope it works out well. For your informaion, there's no person in charge in Seoul Global Center. Please contact related department in Seoul city hall. The telephone number is 02-2133-5077. Thank you!