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Rail Bike & Daega Farm Strawberry Experience
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Name 여행공방 - Tour 08 (Gongbang)
Date 2017-12-04 16:27 Hit 159
Subject Rail Bike & Daega Farm Strawberry Experience

Spend a day just out of Seoul~~~ 
Included activities:
- Yangpyeong Bike Rail 
- Daega Farm Strawberry picking/jam making experience
- Trying your hand at hammering rice cake!! 
- Traditional Samgyetang (Chicken and ginseng soup) OR vegetable Bibimbab for lunch
- Squeeze in a touch of history at the Confucianism Museum^^
- Enjoy the surroundings of the beautiful Hanoks (Traditional Korean Style Housing) at the Daega Farm 
Get in for early bird price!! 
[MORE INFO & SIGN UP] → → → → → https://goo.gl/forms/jyzusICuSdYavtlv2
DIRECT CONTACT: Natalie 010-8857-7863 or natjgraham@gmail.com