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Company Information

Multiculture teacher(European, Africans who reside in Korea)
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Company D&K Corporation(GL EDU)
Nationality (company) Korea
Address Goyangsi, Ilsandong-gu, Madudong 781
Homepage http://cafe.naver.com/glkid
Recruiting Manager Mrs Kim
Email gledu@naver.com
Phone No. 031-907-7401
Mobile Phone No. 010-9291-7462
Fax No. 031-907-7401

Job Opening(s) Information

Posted Date 2018.01.09
Job Title Multiculture teacher(European, Africans who reside in Korea)
Career Level Entry Level (less than 2 years of experience)
Job Type Temporary/Contract
Job Status Part Time
Pay Negotiable KRW Per Year
Categories Education, Training, and Library
Locations Gyeonggi
Job Description 1)What is multicultural education?
Foreign teacher visits kindergartens 1 day of the week (same school teaching for 6 weeks) and teaches his & her own country's culture such as traditional song, house, natural environment, traditional food, dance and game. The teacher talks and teaches by using their own language, not English nor Korean.
Job Requirement 2)It is aimed that kids can vividly experience various foreign different countries' cultures in person. After 6 weeks, every teacher teach other different school kids.

3) Teaching Hours :2~3 hours for teaching 1 school in a day (Starting time can be different by school's conditions, usually from 10~ 12a.m.
Guidelines for Applicants 3) Payment
- non-experienced new multiculture teacher---
₩ 55,000 a day (2~3 hours teaching)
- After one year Experience --₩~65,000 a day (2~3 hours teaching)
_ You can work 3 days ~ 5 days in a week,
Additional Information 5) Documents
- A copy of resume with picture (gledu@naver.com)
- A copy of certificate of alien registration (No provision of visa extention by us)
-After interview,Health Certificate, Teaching plan
- Interview
6) Kindergarten location
: Seoul, Gyeonggi-do area(Anyang,Suwon,Euijeongbu,Goyang) Incheon city. Please contact: 010-9291-7462
Closing Date 2018.02.14
Required Document Photo, Resume
Apply Type E-mail