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Company Information

[Dongjak, Seoul] Honeybiz HRD is looking for English instructors for Corporate Speaking Classes.
You can find basic information about the company and information about the business situation.
Company Honeybiz HRD
Nationality (company) Korea
Address Yeoksam-dong 668-9 Gangnam-gu, Seoul Korea
Homepage http://honeybizhrd.com
Recruiting Manager Sangjun Lee
Email honeybizer001016@gmail.com
Phone No. 02-541-4100
Mobile Phone No.
Fax No.

Job Opening(s) Information

Posted Date 2018.01.10
Job Title [Dongjak, Seoul] Honeybiz HRD is looking for English instructors for Corporate Speaking Classes.
Career Level Mid Career (2+ years of experience)
Job Type Temporary/Contract
Job Status Part Time
Pay Negotiable KRW Per Hour
Categories Education, Training, and Library
Locations Seoul
Job Description 안녕하세요~ 인사드리게 되어 반갑습니다. 허니비즈는 한국기업의 글로벌 역량개발이 한국의 미래를 더 나아가 세계의 미래를 밝힌다는 생각 하에 다수의 한국 기업에 외국어 교육을 제공하고 있습니다.
저희와 함께 한국 기업의 미래를 바꾸는 데 도움을 주실 영어 강사님을 모십니다.
"Only one who can see the invisible can do the impossible."

Welcome to HoneyBiz!
 HoneyBiz is an educational program provider based in Seoul, Korea.
We specialize in providing tailor-made Language training, Cross-Cultural Communication Training, Business Skills Training for multinational organizations operating in South Korea.
We are a leading and reliable education provider for teaching English in South Korea. We offer English teaching jobs for native English speakers from all over the world. Major Korean Conglomerates in South Korea are our core clients.
Job Requirement [Need to Know]

1. Office Location :  Honeybiz HRD, 668-9 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
                (Working Location) : nearby Chungmuro Subway Station(Line no,3/4) Seoul)

 2. Qualification:
- Bachelor’s degree in English speaking country
- Responsible and passionate instructor with minimum 1 year of teaching experience required, preferably in corporations.  

3.  Visa status: F-4, Korean nationals and foreign nationals
Guidelines for Applicants [Class information]

1. Students Level: Intermediate Mid (OPIc IM1,2)

2. Pay: 40,000krw per hour

3. Type: Group conversation class

4. Time: Classes on Monday and Wednesday (Time Unsettled)
        Classes on Tuesday and Thursday (Time Unsettled)

5. Starting Date: February 1st

6. Location: A 10minute-walk from Chungmuro Station(Line No.3 and 4), Seoul

- 강의명 : 기업 비즈니스 회화 강의 1:N (그룹)

- 강의내용 : 일반 회화 + 비즈니스 회화

- 강의시간: 월/수 or 화/목 (시간협의)

- 강의 시작일 : 2월 1일(목) ~

- 장소: 총신대입구역(이수역) 부근 (4/7호선)
Additional Information [Our promise]
  1. A professional will help you with class management and schedules.
  2. Reliable payment: Fixed pay day (10th of every month)
  3. Class materials will be provided with all the aides for you to excel as a teacher, if you’re interested in this excellent teaching position please send us your resume.
  4. Once you apply to us, you will be reserved in our manpower reserve pool so feel free to send us your information even if there’s a schedule conflict or your skills belong to a different area.
  5. Please note the position you’re applying on the subject line when you send your resume and photo to “http://honeybizhrd.com/?page_ id=8683”
Also, please indicate your visa status and your available time.
Thank you. Have a great day.
Sangjun Lee
Recruiting Junior / Class Managing Assistant
02-541-4100 / honeybizer001016@gmail.com)
Closing Date 2018.01.22
Required Document Cover letter, Photo, Resume
Apply Type E-mail